Take action today to help PA residents affected by cost of MS treatments!

MS medications cost as much as $3,800 a month. Health plans have increased enrollee cost-sharing amounts, instituted co-insurance and created specialty tiers in recent years. For those patients in health plans subject to these practices, the rising cost of multiple sclerosis (MS) disease modifying therapies and other medications can jeopardize access to treatments.

You can do something about this today! State Senator Bob Mensch is introducing legislation that would conduct a study in PA on the impact of this issue on people’s access to care. Urge your State Senator to co-sponsor by going here.

There are over 23,000 PA residents that are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Let’s make sure they have access to treatment.


Action Needed

PA State Senator Bob Mensch is circulating a memo requesting co-sponsors on proposed legislation that would create a PA study panel to review the specialty tiering, co-pay and co-insurance issue of injectable medications, including the MS disease modifying therapies. The memo which can be found here provides details.

What can you do?

Call your state senator and urge them to become a co-sponsor. Don’t know your state senator? No problem, you can find out by going here. A sample script is below. Please contact Karen Mariner with any questions via email at Karen.Mariner@nmss.org or by calling 215-271-1500. Should you receive any response, either positive or negative, from your senator’s office, please let Karen know.

Sample script:

Hello, my name is _______________and I am a constituent of State Senator ______________. I am a [person living with MS or relative of a person living with MS] and I am calling to ask that Senator ______________ co-sponsor Senator Bob Mensch’s proposed legislation to conduct a study of the impact of specialty tiers in PA. This is important to me because the cost of disease modifying medications used to treat diseases like multiple sclerosis is astronomical and we need to find a way to keep these drugs affordable for people living with MS.

The 2013 Public Policy Conference is taking place now

The National MS Society is holding its annual Public Policy Conference March 4-6, 2013. Hundreds of volunteer activists and chapter staff will head to the hill on March 6 to urge our elected officials to preserve crucial funding for the National Institutes of Health, Food and Drug Administration, the CDMRP (Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program) and support for MS Awareness Week and the MS Caucus.

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